Olka Kaźmierczak – strategist, writer, wanderer. Building and communicating game-changers in fashion and lifestyle. She has worked with brands and organizations such as BOHOBOCO, Loft37, Adam Mickiewicz Institute. What makes Olka stand out is an extensive knowledge of the fashion&lifestyle industry and author’s method for building brands based on values.

In 2015, she founded Poland’s first fashion business academy Fashion PR Talks, along with a free educational platform offering several hundred expert publications. In the years 2015–2018, she was contributing to POP UP GRUPA – Poland’s first strategic collective for the fashion and lifestyle industry.

Olka is the first in Poland to address the notion of strategic communication in the fashion and lifestyle industry on such a large scale. She holds lectures on building brands as a visiting speaker at Polish universities, design centers, business schools, fine arts academies and global companies with branch offices in Poland. Her page, which focuses on issues related to brands as well as fashion and lifestyle communication, quickly became Poland’s most popular blog on the subject.

Since 2018, she has collaborated with Vogue.pl, interviewing people who are changing the world.

In 2018, the need to get Polish women involved in the global discussion about values in life and business led her to form HER Warsaw community.