With Eva Kaczor in her Berlin’s apartment we talk about the journey from the brand manager to the spiritual guide, experiencing a state of ecstasy while doing breathwork and finding our own truth.

Eva Kaczor @evakaczor – Spiritual Guide, Breath Work & Meditation teacher, yoga expert and the founder of PSYCHEDELIC BREATH, YOGIS ON SOUND and YOGA MEETS ART. She holds a diploma in Psychology and certifications in Vinyasa, Thyroid and Yin Yoga with additional trainings in Thetahealing, Reiki and Spiraldynamik. All her work aims to empower her clients to radically create what they love. Fusing her gift of a strong intuition with her knowing of spiritual growth, electronic music and art into a unique style of teaching and guidance. Based in Berlin, Eva facilitates experiences in collaboration with artists as well as private spiritual guidance worldwide, among others at gatherings such as Burning Man, HABITAS, Nomade Tulum, Domos Earth Equador, Festival Nomade Chile and Villa Illumina Mykonos.

I was so surprised when I found out that you used to be brand manager! How did you go from that to becoming spiritual guide?

I was studying Psychology and aiming to become a therapist. But I literally felt something was missing and later discovered it was the lack of integrating soul level for healing. So I started to think what can I do with it? And I became a brand strategist, which was new in Germany at this time but it sounded so amazingly brainy (laugh). I self-studied it, joined some of the best agencies and started to lead branding workshops around the world. This kind of 10-hours workshops all the time. I became very good at it and at the same time struggled with its intensity. So, the moment the agency founder told me at one airport, “Eva, you are amazing at workshops, we’re going to develop you further on them” I was like, “I’m quitting, I can’t do it anymore.” I was dizzy, I couldn’t get up in the morning, I had a burn out. I was doing a lot of sports, have struggled with eating disorders – all the time going against my gentleness. I was really hard on myself. So I spent a year on the couch. Fortunately, I had this amazing, nurturing boyfriend. He brought me back to eating, he was there for me, pure love. At the end of that year, I had founded two magazines, one about creative entrepreneurs, and one about artists in Berlin. I returned to freelance in brand strategy and then yoga came to me… I went to NYC for my Yoga Teacher Training and when I came back to Berlin I taught every day and created my own events and classes over time.

And then you invented PSYCHEDELIC BREATH. Tell me more about it. How can breathing help us? It seems so basic. We breathe all the time.

PSYCHEDELIC BREATH is based on Pranayama, the principle of altering your state of consciousness through the control of breath. The biochemical reaction while PSYCHEDELIC BREATH is called a state of extasis or Oneness. You’re shifting into a state of non-ordinary consciousness, you access higher realms of awareness. You’re looking new at something old. You tap into subconsciousness, memory and in my eyes into the field of pure possibility. In every session I am guiding my students into different forms of meditations right after. To connect them with creation, to tap into the potential to feel why you are here, what it is you love to share, to connect to your unique gift and the trust to live it.

Who comes to your experiences?

In my one-on-one Life Purpose Coachings I’m often working with humans who are ready to step into the next level of their soul purpose. “Who is me? What do I do here? What I’m here to create?” are the questions and burning desires to know. In Berlin my clients mostly are young creatives who come to explore with me. Internationally, I mostly work with pretty successful entrepreneurs that are very curious to feel into what truly gives them meaning.

Okay, so let’s say someone comes up to you and asks, “Who am I?” What do you do with this person?

First, we tune into their true voice by different meditations, then I work with intuitive readings, that’s one of my gifts. I see human as they truly are. I see their source and their potential to live it. We open up to what they really want, working with imagination, manifestation and intention to realize it. Every session is different. One of the reasons why I have trouble to call it coaching is because in my mind coaching is very structured, while I rather feel into it and I work deeply with my intuition. It is pretty successful. I usually don’t need more then 3 sessions to create a shift with my clients.

How do you create your own shifts and bring good energy into your life?

Right now, I’m deepening my understanding how to change subconscious pattern and beliefs that block me from being my highest form. I am studying books about the mind, the subconscious, spirit, Hypnotherapy. And as my boyfriend is my biggest spiritual teacher, I spend hours with him opening up to what feels like truth for me.

What are next steps for you?

I realized yesterday that the term “spiritual guide” now feels really, really amazing and actually gets me excited again – because, I must say, I’ve lost excitement lately. Yesterday my boyfriend said, “Look, babe, you have reached a lot in life already, you have checked so many things off. You became that amazing yoga teacher, then you created your PSYCHEDELIC BREATH and travelled the world with it, collaborating with amazing artists, then you guided 1,000 people at Burning Man, so you’re like that’s your story, and now that you checked it off, your excitement is a little lower. So yesterday, we came up with a term that I had denied a year ago when even I really felt it, I could not write it. When I’m doing all my Facebook events I’m like, “Oh my god, the spiritual guide sounds amazing but I’m not ready.” So this moment when I feel I’m not ready yet, I’m usually ready. So I’m resonating right now with the spiritual guidance, because this is in the end what I’m giving.

Would you call yourself bold?

I used to think that being bold is when you overcome things like fear of failure. Now I believe courage is more like stepping into your own truth, sharing and living it.

In one of the interviews, and I’m very curious about that, you said that you can hack aging. How?

Did I say this?! (laughs) One hack for aging is for me to keep curiosity fresh and high – to keep on studying the mind, what spirit mean, what the unkown feels - emptying yourself again and again. As I just did actually, I felt like dying.

I also do intelligent workouts for my body, eat as well as I can, following Makrobiotik, working with hormone coaches and TCM practicioners on my health. And fuck it up a lot (laughs a lot).

And I have another quote, I’m really prepared today. You also said that your work does not have to be profitable, and „income will come anyway”.

This was an old interview. I changed my opinion about money. I like money. I never declined it, but I didn’t allow myself to earn over a certain amount. I am about to take the next step of allowing myself to have more than enough. To live in a very comfortable way, so I don’t have to always check my accounts, and be like, “Oh my god, I can’t go to the dentist, because I spent it all already on plane tickets” So, I’m stepping into that right now, into higher consciousness for abundance. Attracting more of it, allowing more of it.

I’m in a position right now where I teach and speak in front of many, creating my own experiences and doing exciting collaborations. And still the question, “So what’s your fee?” is still tricky. My boyfriend yesterday nailed it, he was like, “You still think that the amount that you earn is based on what you do, and not based on what you have become, what you are and how you support transformation “Ask the worth of what you are by now, and not of what you are providing only, in terms of times, etc.”

I have a great book about negotiating, I’m gonna send it to you (laughs).

It something much complicated than negotiation skills. It’s a belief system. A fear that it is outrageous to say “10k”. But deep inside I’m like, “YES, I want to earn that amount.”

I must say you’ve had some pretty amazing boyfriends. How do you find them?

I truly know and believe that a heart can never close or be broken, it has an amazing capacity to forgive, it has an amazing capacity to radiate. I believe in soul connection and trust my intuition when it comes along, I am magnetism, I am not afraid of breaking up, All my relationships were also painful and challenging but a relationship in fact is not there to make you happy, it is there so you can both grow, fulfill your soul calling, live and overcome patterns, go as high as it gets and fall as deeply as it comes to raise again, to feel everything and that what lays beyond feelings, thoughts and beliefs.

How were you able to create this openness?

I love to feel and use the connection to my heart as my highest source of wisdom. Right now I’m in a twin-flame relationship, it’s the hardest one you can go into, but also the very most beautiful.

All photos by Aleksandra Zaborowska